Traffic Authority- A Look At Different Packages And The Network Marketing Opportunities

Traffic authority has made a very big impact on the multi level marketing and has made it very easier for you guys to make the most amount of money by using your internet marketing portal. The main aim of the company is to help the business persons in building a solid audience traffic for their products and services which will thus help them to make more money with subtle ease. They make use of different plans and schemes that will help you to make a bigger impact on the online world and direct a greater amount of traffic on your website.

Based on the size and the budget that you have, you can opt for different plans which are able to satiate your traffic needs and make you earn good customers for your products. Here are some details about the various plans that are there in store of the company to help you with the internet marketing:

Basic package:

When you are starting your business and do not want to spend a great amount of money into the promotional activities, this plan might be the best possible idea for you as you will get all the basic products that will help you to develop some reasonable amount of traffic on your website.

The main aim of opting for this package is to get your business on the right track before infusing a great amount of money into it. You will get limited conversions when you opt for this package but they are good enough to allow you to make some money which will make up for your needs.

Platinum package:

This package is designed for the big and bulky firms and at the same time, you get very high conversions and deviations to your website which is why the business persons looking for quick and efficient traffic conversions are taking a liking to these packages.

In the platinum package, you get a wide variety of services from the company and here is a breakout of the services that you are going to get once you have opted for this service:

  • They help you with the designing of the website which is a very important facet as far as getting a grip on online market is concerned. The company helps you with a SEO friendly and responsive website so that you can very easily promote your business.
  • With the traffic optimizer tool, you can make even greater strides in the field of online marketing. They help you with a number of optimizing tools which help you to get a better and more refined traffic which has a better chance of conversion.

Network marketing with the company – Make money by helping others:

This is probably the best facet regarding the services of the company as you get some exciting referral bonus when you refer the products of the company to some of your friends or business colleagues. There are different bonus amounts which you can get when you refer the services and thus work on your business website while also generating an additional source of money.

The payback method of the company is one of the best in the market, which is a reason why many of the experts are referring it as a fraud.  Here are some good points on how you can make money just by referring for the products and services of the company:

  • One of the very important things that you need to keep in mind is that you must own the plan or product before you refer the products to someone else. For example, when you own the basic plan, then you can only refer for the basic plans. You can get a hefty commission when you refer the products which are actually much greater than the networking plans that are offered by the other MLM companies which is another reason why people have started to take greater interest in the services of the Traffic authority and thus have also made some very good profits for their business. With the basic plan, the payout is a hefty $100 per referral which is a very decent amount considering the money that you need to pay for the plan.
  • Secondly, as with any other MLM plan, the more you sell, greater are the chances of accruing money. After the first 6 sales, you get a commission of around 80% which is just 50% for the initial six sales. At the same time, with the monthly sale products, the profits are even greater so that you have a greater chance to make money. But you must keep subscribing to the monthly plans to make sure that you keep receiving the monthly referral bonus. If you have not subscribed for these plans on any month, then you will not get the referral bonus for that very month.
  • Another very important thing with the commissions is that you must be able to make at least three sales of any product in order to become qualified for the referral bonus. Most of the people are not that aware about this stipulation which is put in by the company and when they are not able to make three sales, and then they do not get the bonus amount. Such people often term the company as a fraud and scam. But the actual truth on the Traffic authority is that you have to work harder to make money. You cannot just relax and hope that you will make some good money by itself. You have to initiate and once you have made a decent number of referrals, you can make some money without having to do anything as you will get the sponsor’s bonus for the referrals made by your affiliates. The best way to go about the business is to buy each and every product before starting the referrals so that chances of you making money are enhanced. You can also get in touch with the support team to get more info about these points before jumping on to the opportunity.